Garlic enema
Protect against intestinal parasites is very difficult, but quite realistic. The fact that before
Sore left breast
Breast pain is one of the most common symptoms in women of childbearing age.
Antibiotics for dry cough
In this article, we will look at recommendations for taking antibiotics for cough in
Monthly blood test
In our life with a visit to the hospital often have to pass various
Cystitis is an inflammatory disease affecting the bladder. Most of the disease women are
How to take diacarb with intracranial pressure
The drug Diacarb or Acetazolamide is quite common in the treatment of disorders of
During the menstrual cycle, a number of changes occur in a woman’s body, and
Children's antibiotics for cough
Cough and antibiotics for many people are closely interrelated. According to opinion polls and
How often can I put an enema
Before you figure out how often and how many times you can do an
How to reduce cholesterol without statins
Cholesterol is produced throughout the body: 50% of this essential fat-like substance is synthesized
If the monthly go twice a month
The health of a woman depends largely on the normal functioning of the reproductive
Cleaning the body with rice
Cleansing the body with rice is carried out at home and gives a positive
Low blood urea
Urea present in the human body is formed as a result of protein synthesis
You can donate blood during your period.
Often women are concerned about whether blood can be donated during menstruation. Some want
Estrogen tablets
Today, the issue of contraception with pills remains relevant. You should not experiment with