IQ test scores

We begin immediately with the essence of our question, so the main visual difference between the iq test and the usual cool test is that the result of the iq test should be a numerical value that will somehow reflect your level of intelligence, while the second test will also test your knowledge (with no less usliyami), but without assessing your knowledge, but just passed – not passed.

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If we talk about the essence of the question, removing the visual differences between the two test directions, then there is no difference between the iq test and the cool test! Yes, once again, I emphasize no. Both in the first and in the second case, you must strain your convolutions, turn on ligiki, erudition and various coordination exercises in controlling the mouse. You will have to remember, think, reflect and show imagination equally in both cases.

IQ test scores

AND iq test and iq test will be passed or not passed,

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IQ test scores

But once again I will say that there is no difference in substance. There are only visual differences in the title, in the numerical formulation of the result and in the difference in the presentation of the material,

From the point of view of the presentation of the material for the educational process, I think you need to do cool iq tests. It is both fun, and exciting, and useful for human development. In this case, we simultaneously evaluate the human intellect and present everything in an interesting and fascinating form.

Now let’s dispel the following myth about iq tests, for a long time it was believed that iq test free – This is some kind of miraculous overseas test with some kind of miraculous result, so – this is absolutely not true. The classic iq test gives a very one-sided idea of ​​a person’s mental abilities. I will try to explain why, if a person sees the classic iq test for the first time

he really includes all his mental abilities and solves really interesting problems, but (there must be a very big but) all the question and answer algorithms are absolutely identical and after each other like a baby’s tear. So if a person is a little familiar with these algorithms for submitting questions in the classic iq tests, this person will have a tremendous advantage over a person who is smarter and more gifted, but has never seen these tests Aysenk.

The next disadvantage of the classic iq tests – mathematics In these tests there is some kind of fanatical mathematical and to a very small degree lexical bias. Thus, it turns out that the ingenious people of creative professions – artists, photographers, designers who create the culture of our century, and generally make history, if they do not have in-depth mathematical abilities, will not be able to show even how many satisfactory indicators in these classical tests.

It turns out that in order to adequately analyze the results of the classic iq tests, it is necessary to take into account two main factors, the first one is familiarity of a person with the classic iq test in the past. According to my calculations, the result for the same person who solves the classic iq tests of equal complexity before and after meeting him will differ three to five times. Imagine how you can make a mistake when analyzing test results. And the second point is the goal of testing. The iq test is well suited for hiring accountants and stock traders and is absolutely not suitable for hiring designers, artists, and other people in creative and near-creative professions.

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