Depilatory cream veet

Veet depilatory cream is designed to remove unwanted hair on the legs, arms, in the armpits and bikini line, does not apply on the face, head, chest, in the groin area.

Depilatory cream Veet – instructions for use

You can not apply the cream for acne, moles, scars, damaged, irritated skin, sunburn. Do not use the cream earlier than 72 hours after shaving procedure, as well as in the presence of adverse reactions as a result of previous use of depilatory creams.

When taking drugs that may affect the skin, before using the cream is recommended to consult with your doctor. This should also be done if there are any skin problems.

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  • Depilation can be done at home, it only takes sugar, step-by-step instructions are in this topic.

Before each use, it is necessary to carry out a sensitivity test, applying the cream on a small area of ​​skin exactly at the place where it is planned to remove hair. If during the day there was no negative reaction, the tool can be used.

The cream should be evenly applied to the skin with a spatula, so that it completely covers the hair. After five minutes, you should check whether the cream worked, clearing a small area of ​​the skin with a spatula. If the hair is easily removed, the entire cream can be removed with a spatula. If necessary, you can leave the cream on the skin for a few more minutes, but no more than 10 minutes in total.

In case of discomfort or burning sensation, remove the cream immediately and rinse the skin with water. If symptoms of irritation persist, consult a doctor.

It is recommended to refrain from using deodorants and other perfumes on the depilated area, and also not to be in the sun for 24 hours.

Depilatory cream veet

Reviews of cream for depilation Veet


For a long time I used an ordinary razor. But since this is not enough for a long time, I decided to try something new. For some reason, my choice fell on Veet depilation cream (in blue packaging). Not having read the reviews beforehand, I, like many girls, believed the advertisement. When I got home, I plunged into the bath, read the instructions, put the cream on the skin of my legs, held it for 5-8 minutes and removed the cream with a spatula. What was my surprise when I saw that the hairs remained on the skin. At the same time they were quite a lot. Moreover, for the first time in my life I was faced with the problem of a red rash (similar to mosquito bites) and black spots on my legs. I had a week, at a temperature of +28 degrees, to walk in jeans. My skin is rough and not sensitive, can withstand much. I’m afraid to imagine what will happen to sensitive skin. I strongly advise you not to take this cream to anyone.


Depilatory cream veet

I met this wonderful tool when I was 11 years old. 8 years have passed since then and I still don’t know a more delicate method of epilation. Tried a lot of tools (wax strips, razor, epilator, shugaring), but always returned to this cream. I don’t understand why there are so many negative reviews … maybe someone is allergic or just can’t use it? I apply the cream on dry skin with a layer of medium thickness, distribute it from the thighs to the feet, wait about 6-7 minutes, but do not urinate the skin, then sprinkle my feet a little with water and very carefully remove the hair, using a hard sponge several times on all legs . Then carefully wash off the remnants of cream and hair, continuing to massage the legs with an ordinary washcloth. After the bath, I still use the hard scrub from the Organic Shop "Coffee and Chocolate", which finally kills the smell, and put oil on my feet.



I bought it and thought it would dry all the skin of my legs, like regular creams. But no, she has become much softer. The cream should be kept for about 5 minutes, no longer worth it, since then it dries the skin. It is washed off easily, hair removes great! It is also very easy to apply and it smells nice.


Hello. I’m surprised at the negative reviews, so I think, maybe I was just lucky. This cream helped me out in the summer, I used it in the bikini area and on my legs without any problems. Although the skin there is much more tender than on the legs. The cream is well applied to the skin. I threw out the sponge included in the kit and applied the cream with a spatula, and with it I cleaned it. I use the tool in the shower. I hold about 5-6 minutes, I do not feel any burning, itching and other discomfort, even in the bikini area. After the procedure, also no side effects. Hair is removed well, nothing remains, the skin after smooth and gentle. Somehow decided to try it for a deep bikini, and everything is fine too. The big minus is the price, it is not worth it. Other creams are no less effective, but much cheaper. The smell is deadly, however, like any other depilatory cream. However, I recommend it.


I use this cream recently, I apply it in the bikini area. I buy cream for sensitive skin. Removes hair well, provided it is not allergic. The smell can also be tolerated. After the procedure, you need to moisturize the skin. You can not use it if there is a scratch or irritation on the skin – you can get a chemical burn. And pregnant women should not use, at least, so my gynecologist says. The downside is that it’s uneconomical and a little expensive.


After reading the controversial reviews about the cream Veet, I still decided to buy it. Very afraid of allergies. Thank God, the skin reacted calmly. After waiting ten minutes, began to scrape. Honestly, I didn’t understand what advantage the cream has over a shaving machine … 60 percent of the hair was removed. The rest had to be added. After the cream, hair grows as fast as after shaving, so advertisements say that “the smoothness of the legs will last 2 times longer.” I will not buy Veet cream anymore, since I don’t see any point in it at all. The procedure takes more time than a machine shave, and it stinks pretty nasty.


After reading all the reviews, I decided to add my opinion. I have been using Veet cream for sensitive skin for many years. I use it exclusively in the groin area (deep bikini), although the instruction is prohibited. I always keep the cream for 10 minutes (maximum), and there has never been any irritation. Maybe a little bit, if the cream gets on the mucous membrane, but after removing the cream, it immediately passes. I apply the cream with my finger, because I can’t apply it with a spatula and there is a large amount of overruns (too thick layer). But: after that, you need to immediately wash your hands, because this cream acts on the nails in about the same way as on the hair – it immediately softens and softens them. I remove the cream with a spatula, gently scraping it off, then rinse it off with warm water and wipe it with a hard towel to remove any hair residue. I do not see an alternative to this cream for this procedure. However, I was very surprised when I read about the skin lesion on my hands above. Somehow, I also tried to apply this cream on my hands, and terrible irritation and redness also began, and after washing off in some places a crust in the form of a scab was formed. I do not know why.

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