Hair extensions for volume

Beadwork Today is one of the most popular types of needlework. This craft has ancient roots – it appeared in the days when people mastered glass blowing. The original balls differed in large size, but as they turned into decorations, the size became less and less.

Hair extensions for volume

Going for embroidery beads is better in specialty stores. Since it is sold by weight, it is necessary to pre-calculate how much will be needed for embroidery. Considering the number of beads in the pattern, and knowing that 1 g of medium size beads contains about 50 pieces, you can go to the store. For novice needlewomen will help consolidate the skills simple beadwork for kids,free schemes which you can download below.

The beads vary in size, so it must be selected on the basis of the size of the canvas cell – the beads should be slightly smaller than the cell. Looks great beadwork of one type. Also, beads can vary in texture and color.

One of the most common varieties of beads is the "ceramics" variety. It is based on a ceramic mass with a resistant non-rubbing color. It differs in various color scale and the sizes, sufficient durability and good openings. As a rule, such beads are chosen for embroidery.

Another variety – "light". Differs in brightness and brilliance, resembles rhinestones. It is based on a mono-colored glass mass with metallic spraying inside each bead. Usually it is embroidered on velvet and trim the clothes. If the coating is pearl or metallic, it is worth working carefully, as it is not always very durable. Such beads decorate clothes and embroider pictures. Highly original look beadwork on children’s t-shirts.Download free schemes,clicking on the link under the picture you like along with the photo.

The grade "glass" – is also made of glass mass. Differs in transparency, dyed as well as color fastness.

Hair extensions for volume

NeedlesNeedles for embroidery with beads usually chosen according to its number. Needles for beads can be No. 10, No. 12, No. 13 and No. 15. Most often work needles number 12. In the case of very small beads, the needle may not enter it. You can solve the problem like this: take a piece of thin wire, fold it in half, thread a thread in the resulting loop and cut the ends of the wire evenly. Such an improvised needle is passed through the bead at both ends simultaneously. In this way, it is good to use when sewing vkpep. If you need to sew every bead, you can pre-make a thick needle in the fabric holes and embroider directly with a “needle” from the wire.

One more problem beadwork – Tiny ears at the needles, which are difficult to thread through. To thread a thread into such an eyelet, you can use a needle threader or cut the end of a thread at an angle and wax it so that it becomes harder and does not break.

Beadwork for beginning needlewomen in horizontal rows

Beadwork for beginning needlewomen in vertical rows

Beadwork for

Beadwork for beginners

Hair extensions for volume

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