Rubella test during pregnancy rate
Oncomarker CA 125 – norm and interpretation Oncomarker is a complex protein substance that
Hormones during pregnancy
It has long been known that in the period of carrying a child, there
Insomnia during pregnancy
Insomnia – a painful condition. Lack of full sleep exhausting any person, but a
Herpes photo in children
Meet the virus Herpes, many are accustomed to be considered a harmless disease, but
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Future mothers sometimes wonder: is it possible to take any pills for headaches during
The child has poisoned than to treat
Many fathers and mothers do not know what to do in the case when
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Any infection during pregnancy poses a certain threat to the fetus and gestation. But
How to treat diathesis in children
One children can do everything – fall asleep in an embrace with their pets,
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Polycystic ovarian disease is a complex and rather dangerous disease. And both for women
Mantoux in a child
Tuberculosis and Mantu – doctors, research The causative agent of tuberculosis is Koch’s wand
Manta reaction in a child
For many decades, an intracutaneous Mantoux test (tuberculin diagnosis) for children has been carried
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Among children, chickenpox is the most common viral infection, but adults also often experience
Herpes in children under one year
Herpes is one of the first viruses that children encounter in their lives, because
Rubella in pregnancy
Rubella is an acute illness caused by a virus, manifested by a skin rash,
Herpes is a viral disease that often affects the skin of the lips or