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Truth and myths. Inside view

The article is written on the materials of the system – vector psychology of Yuri Burlan. What does it mean? Unclear. The terms used by the author are terrible: anal vector, urethral, ​​skin, erogenous zone.

Sheer annoyance

How to react to the fact that any social problem and human behavior is viewed systematically through the prism of eight innate vectors?

How to recognize that your own experience and a few read bookcases do not work in life?

How to allow someone to think "differently" – not in the way it is accepted, not in the way of tradition, not in the way that all-knowing neighbors argue in the courtyard.

How to force yourself to think and refuse chewed articles that do not require any mental effort?


Good psychology articles are decent psychologists write clearly, accessible to all. They cite examples, call for “loving children more”, “paying more attention to them,” clearly giving advice on what to do in a difficult everyday situation.

Everything is simple – no need to delve into the essence of the matter, the causes of the phenomenon, learn new concepts, make an independent decision.

Everything that is written at first glance is not clear – nonsense, nonsense. The author is insane, sectarian, bablorub obviously advertises something.

We live in a consumer society, in an era of mass culture. We are fed from television screens, from the pages of the press mainly with junk food for brains. A lot of tasty information already laid out on someone with digestible conclusions.

On a saucer with gold embossing bring us facts, shocking statistics, vivid quotes, emotional speeches.

We are pleased to believe in dirty things – we ourselves feel cleaner and better. We find a reason to justify their own actions. “Yes, I did not become a famous singer, because I’m a man, not a gay. So they write about Kirkorov – a homosexual ”.

We like to read the negative more than something special, positive. “Haven’t you heard: Lolita did an unsuccessful plastic surgery?” Is a good reason to gossip, more interesting than “system-vector psychology — unique knowledge about a person.”

About psychologists

The society respects psychologists with higher education, advanced training courses, with many years of experience, with published publications, monographs. At consultations, clients usually require unambiguous solutions to their problems, and fast, persistently ask for advice.

However, advice is given and bad psychologists give themselves as examples – only the person himself is able to solve his problem. A standing psychologist gives him information, shows a wide range of choices (often a person, being in a problem, sees nothing but her and a dead end ahead of her).

The psychologist’s professionalism is judged by his deeds: what did he give to people, how much did he really help? And the matter is not in the existing ranks, regalia, candidate.

History of Humanistic Psychology

In the Soviet Union, psychologists were not replicated in universities, as today, they were not at enterprises, schools, registry offices, but there were no such terrible indicators of the number of divorces, juvenile delinquency, drug addiction, teen suicides, domestic violence.

It is obvious that the current psychologists are not coping with social problems. They have no effective tools for the treatment of social ills.

They help in isolated cases, and either by sitting down on a “psychological needle” – constant counseling, the client himself cannot choose anything – a specialist’s hint is required, or being satisfied with the methods of “kitchen psychotherapy”.

The systemic vector psychology of Yuri Burlan enters the scene. Psychology that works.

New stage in the knowledge of man

I myself belong to the cohort of certified psychologists. In practice, faced with the fact that the knowledge often does not help in the work. Technically, humanity mastered space, nanotechnology, the Internet, but knowledge of human nature remained at the level of a stone ax.

History of Humanistic Psychology

New generations are different from us by their temperament, powerful desires, and we have nothing to offer them in return. Old values ​​go fast. The future requires other standards. In the books – wise, but the past. A philosophy that broadens the mind, does not solve the issues on the agenda, does not explain the essence of phenomena.

The search ended when I got to the training for Yuri Burlan.

Applied Training

I experienced different feelings: confusion (have I really been studying for many years in vain?), Irritation (how can people be differentiated by vectors?), Doubts (what’s the catch?), Recognition delight (I saw skin and anal people).

I read the arguments of opponents of system-vector psychology. From this it became bitter in the soul – the good guys, but for some reason they write such groundless dirt.

In short, all claims are as follows:

1. System-vector psychology is not a science, as there are no statistics and multi-volume editions.

The main statistics of system-vector psychology is the statistics of the results of people who have been trained. All knowledge of the training is rechecked by life itself. The same addition of vectors in a certain state always leads to the same rechecked and repeated result. System-vector psychology allows you to predict the behavior of people with mathematical precision.

The results of the training, such as the care of depressions, the withdrawal of a number of somatic diseases, the withdrawal of suicidal thoughts, the withdrawal of tantrums, fears and much more, also repeat from time to time, from group to group. The results of the training on the system-vector psychologist Yuri Burlan are unprecedented and do not expire with time

System vector psychology is recognized by science. You can familiarize yourself with scientific publications on system-vector psychology here: http: //

2. System-vector psychology – psycho business, training should be free

Indignation at the fact that they take money for training seems like a competitor’s hysteria. Agree, the consultation of a psychologist with a university diploma is clearly not free. But the result? As a rule, there is no result or it is not resistant – all negative states return with a new force over time.

The training on system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan is unique in that it gives each listener a free use tool – system thinking. Once you have mastered it, you will forever get rid of the need to go to psychologists, ask for advice, orient yourself on someone else’s (not your) experience. You yourself will build your life, fully understanding where, why and how.

3. Positive feedback from the training is not an indicator.

Another indicator. All those who are familiar with Runet know firsthand that working on the Internet is to walk on thin ice. With any failure, everything will be instantly known to all.

The excellent result of the SVP speaks for itself: There is not a single negative feedback from the person who completed the training, there is only a negative from those who have heard something somewhere and have only been in introductory lectures.

It is noteworthy that a remarkable effect is observed in the retirement age. It works for everyone. Everyone wants quality from life to the very last breath. And after the training, it changes in a positive way.

4. There is no uniqueness – all this was already among the classics.

Undoubtedly, the SVP did not arise from scratch, it stands on the achievements of the psychologists of the past, meanwhile it does not repeat the old, but is a unique new knowledge.

5. Yuri Burlan is afraid to take responsibility, and therefore uses online training.

Applied training is held in a convenient mode for those who wish to visit it. It allows you to unite people around the world. The use of modern means of communication does not mean irresponsibility.

On the contrary, the responsibility is increased significantly. The Internet quickly identifies weaknesses and demonstrates them to everyone. Yuri Burlan whose biography totals more than 30 years of psychoanalysis, of which 12 years are devoted to conducting training in system-vector psychology, guarantees the result to everyone who came to the training. The class of the training, the level of knowledge and the results of the students provided there are not unique.

6. Fighting in the network for the honorary title of "sect".

New knowledge is hard to make its way. People are by nature lazy. They once learned common truths and many are worth it. Everything else is sectarianism.

A bad experience confirms: they wish everyone good – a sect.

“We know the answers to all your questions. We will help in solving any problems. You will feel our concern for you. We need you. We will make you successful, self-sufficient. We will show you the way of happiness and help you walk along it. ”

Familiar postulates? Alluring? I, too, became curious, and I began to read further to find out who they are, the new saviors of mankind? It turned out Scientologists.

Scientology claims the role of a new religion, and a new science. Moreover, it is argued that Scientology is the coolest religion in the world, and its bearers are the Holders of true knowledge.

It is believed that with their advancements on the Scientology bridge and phased growth, with growing periodic donations to the church, they make their loved ones happy and will certainly be happy themselves.

Those close to us for months do not see their savior in real life. Leaving a three-year-old baby-sitter for a year to a mother Scientologist is a pair of trifles. What you will not do for the sake of settling the problems of the universe and traveling to the Flag. They created their own language, their thinking.

They throw slippers at psychologists, for example, they write articles – “what kind of psychologist thinks a half-crotch?”.

I would like to note, psychologists even think, and Scientologists believe. Every word of the great Ron.

Any person has the right to choose his life path, but when it comes to the only right decisions, when someone is convinced that he knows better how to make another happy than he knows himself, then a logical logical suspicion about the falsehood of the proposed ideas arises.

Bans to read the works of psychologists, the imposition of stereotypes that true information is given only by them, Scientologists, narrows the horizons of consciousness and makes it easy to manipulate people.

SVP is a completely different approach. There is not a single gram of faith. Everything is checked by the person in life. Once you pay for the training – then this knowledge works for you, for society and no longer requires any financial investments, there is no hierarchy. No thoughts about their chosenness and exclusivity. Knowledge is open to all comers. Another question: take them or not.

So, to falsely testify and to stipulate a lot of mind is not necessary. There are no facts that SVP caused someone harm, with full openness and transparency of the Internet.

Judge by deeds, not words, especially different rogues who do not see further than their swamp. Include common sense and then easily separate the truth from conjectures.

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