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March 31 (Sunday) 2019,

Online course (webinars) "Basics of GMS Memory Engineering"

Sign up for a course New training course from Memorization Developer "Jordano". Opened set in group 12 (evening) Classes April 22, 2019 – June 12, 2019 Lesson plan in pdf format

Brain memory mechanisms

A bit of theory. You will learn how your memory works.

Mnemotechnics Theory

Memorization methods are consistent with the principles of memory.

Universal technology

A set of techniques allows you to memorize any information.

Tutorial orientation

You will learn to memorize educational information, not just hundreds of numbers.

Exercises for complete

Like files on computer

Search in memory by digital address or instantly, by question.

Now everything is different

Information is stored in the form of associations, tables and lists.

A lot of illustrations

When there are a lot of pictures, it is much easier to understand the techniques.

Help with remembering

Memorization with the help and under the supervision of the teacher.

Specialist. programs and manuals

Programs and additional benefits accelerate learning.

No homework

Training in the classroom. At home, just repeat what they remember.

Exercises for complete

The magic of phenomenal memory

It’s impossible! It can not be! These are tricks! So thinks the person who first sees a demonstration of mnemonic memorization.

Indeed, mnemotechnics are often associated with tricks, with shows. Mnemonists love to memorize numbers, words, playing cards. But we will change your understanding of memory technology. Numbers and words are just technical exercises. And there are few such exercises in the new course. From the first lesson you will memorize interesting information. The mnemonist’s memory capabilities are so different from other people’s memory capabilities that it is perceived as a miracle or a hoax (and if there is no earphone in the ear). No earphone. All honest. The real magic of phenomenal memory. Want to become a memory mage?

Direct entry to the brain

How much can you remember? For example, the whole periodic table.

The result of learning gnmotekhnike will exceed all expectations. You get what you never dreamed of. You will learn how to write information to the brain absolutely exactly. In the video – play the periodic table. As you can see, phenomenal memory is not an advertising exaggeration. This is the essence of mnemotechnics – absolutely accurate memorization.

Memorization system "Jordano" (GMS)

Simple and reliable, like a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

No turning back

Together with memory, the perception of the world and people changes. Having chosen a phenomenal memory, you never want to return to that state of the brain when it seems impossible to remember even a pin code.

Doomed to be an excellent student

An excellent student not only at school, at the institute, on courses. But also in life. Live perfectly! Remember everything, do not forget anything, always have time, know and be able to do everything you need to just live well!

Put a bunch of brains

Memory is the basis of all mental processes. Improving memory, you improve the work of the whole brain. Creativity, inspiration, perseverance, creativity, a continuous stream of thoughts and new ideas.

Exercises for complete

What is there in the box?

You study mnemonics by memorizing fragments from various academic disciplines. A little bit of history, a piece of geography, Japanese alphabet, words, grammar.


Seven techniques of memorizing new foreign words and phrases.


Hiragana, Japanese words, phrases, cases of the Japanese language.

On the example of tags of language HTML. We write directly in memory.

Textbook abstract

Not the whole tutorial. Ten paragraphs with titles and numbers.

Historical dates

The whole chronological table. You will remember dates all your life.

Different names

Names of states, cities, rivers. Also need to be able to remember.

Addresses and phone numbers

Different information about the person. The list of contacts you have in your memory.

Surnames and first names

If you communicate with a lot of people.


Even an algebra teacher will hardly recall these formulas.

Formulas in physics

School course of physics for the 7th grade in 30 minutes! Easily solve puzzles.

Basics of GMS Memory Engineering

Without leaving home. On-line lessons in small groups. Teacher – author of the course and GMS Kozarenko

A bit of history. The memorization system was created in 1990. Since 1991, Cambridge began to organize competitions on mnemonic, since the methods of quick memorization appeared. Until 2002, three courses were written: "Mnemotechnika – all the secrets of superpamyat", "Technique memorization of foreign words", "Your first database". These courses were taught at the School of Rational Reading Marat Ziganov. In 2002 a distance course was written "Mnemonics step by step". In the new course "Basics of GMS Memory Engineering" (2017) merged all the previously created courses and included updates and changes in the theory and practice of mnemonics that have accumulated over many years.

What’s new in mnemonics?

New ideology. The classical method of Cicero is used to memorize technical exercises. Useful information is stored in the form of tables and lists. Targeting textbooks. Less technical exercises and more memorization examples from textbooks. The complication of the course. The teaching method has become more intense. Immediately learn to memorize quickly and much. Interest factor. You will not be bored. Interesting exercises. Full review. All Memorization System in one course. New technology. Included in theory and in the course exercises. Additional study guides. Programs, mnemo cards, cards of figurative codes, etc. A lot of pictures. The course is richly illustrated. Detailed abstracts of occupations. And after the course you will always be able to repeat the material.

Mnemonic and foreign languages. The new course focuses on the technique of literal memorization of phrases, the formation of phrasal standards in the brain. As an exercise, we memorize over a hundred phrases in English and Japanese. Basic knowledge of English (as part of the school curriculum) is welcome.

Refinements in the theory of memory

The author declined a detailed description of the mechanisms of memory, as for their understanding, students need to have training in neurophysiology. Instead, the main the principles human memory works. At the same time, we consciously limit ourselves to considering only three types of memory, which are used in mnemonic memorization. The principles of memory work are explained in simple and understandable analogies.

All updates are included.

Over the 27 years of existence of the Memorization System (since 1990), additions and changes in theory, in memorization techniques have accumulated. Only the table of contents of the course contains 120 points. So many new concepts and techniques you have to learn.

Who needs mnemonics?

Anyone who studies. After all, learning involves memorization!


With the help of mnemonic cribs are recorded in the brain.

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