How to pull out a milk tooth
Baby teeth are replaced by permanent at the age of 5 years. Often the
How to whiten white sneakers
Good afternoon, dear readers! Today we will analyze how to whiten sneakers and how
What to do if a tooth broke
Teeth injuries do not depend on the age or sex of a person, but
Tooth nerve removal
Tooth nerve removal: how to remove, methods In this article you will find information:
Tooth cyst removal
Often a tooth cyst is detected by chance and already at a late stage,
Cyst on the tooth root treatment
It happens that a healthy-looking tooth starts to hurt, food intake turns into a
Tooth treatment Price
Permanent teeth treatment Detailed consultation (inspection with an intraoral video camera, preparation of a
Inflammation of the trigeminal nerve after tooth extraction
This disease has a medical name – pulpitis. Inflammation of the nerve of the
Tooth bone inflammation
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The reasons for the fact that the lower or upper gum is swollen may
How to whiten sneakers
White sneakers always look stylish and beautiful. However, such sports shoes are very easy
How many gums heal after tooth extraction
When a person gets rid of a bad tooth, it may seem to him
Loose front tooth
Doctor-Dentist surgeon implantologist Article verified by a doctor A loose molar is the result
Sick teeth
Dream interpretation bad teeth Each person decides for himself how to relate to the
Teeth whitening during pregnancy
It is not just possible, but necessary, to treat teeth to pregnant women. You